Navigating your healthcare needs.

How we can help

Volunteer services provided through Ohr Lanu are intended to supplement and strengthen the individual’s own capabilities and resources. Our scope of services includes patient advocacy, physician referral, ancillary and financial aid.

Ohr Lanu can help with locating specialists and expediting appointments.
We coordinate care with multiple providers and services.
Ohr Lanu can assist with Medical insurance and Long Term Care insurance policies.
Volunteers assist patients with travel to medical appointments.
Eligible patients can receive financial assistance for medical expenses.

What People Are Saying About Us

  • At 79 years of age, I faced a challenging path: ill health coupled with weather disasters that felled my house and car. It was wearing and depressing. Ohr Lanu to the rescue! With tact, graciousness and perseverance, Ohr Lanu arranged transportation for every appointment. Ohr Lanu made a difficult situation tolerable. I will be forever grateful.
  • "I appreciate Ohr Lanu so much! I had such a great experience! Worry free! In times like this I'm happy and super proud to be a Jew!"
  • "A member of our family was ill and we were having difficulty with the healthcare system of Texas. Ohr Lanu's sympathetic ear, urgent action, amazing connections in the community and consistent follow-up helped immensely in calming our nerves and making us feel less helpless."
  • "I thank you for your efforts and your success in securing a doctor for my son. Ohr Lanu is a fantastic idea. I feel this organization is a win/win for all concerned. Thank you again for taking on our problem, and helping where help was needed."
  • "When a family member is seriously ill, it’s all too easy to struggle and flounder through the maze that is the medical system. Ohr Lanu helped us to find the resources, obtain the referrals, and to expedite appointments with specialists while being a truly reassuring presence."

Contact Ohr Lanu Foundation

Margaret Gofman-Klein, Executive Director

210.973.7172 Email Us

14439 Northwest Military Highway
Ste. 108 #462
San Antonio, Texas 78231

Ohr Lanu is a proud recipient of a 2015 Innovation Fund Grant from the Jewish Federation of San Antonio. Ohr Lanu is also supported by San Antonio Jewish Senior Services (SAJSS).

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