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We've all heard the phrase "Health is everything."
Those are words that we take to heart.

Our Story

A person who is unwell can feel lost, alone and confused. It's difficult to know where to turn to for help. Fighting an illness is difficult enough. Navigating the health care system should not be an added burden.

That's where we come in to help.

Ohr Lanu is a non-profit advocacy program, assisting patients through a network of community physicians and volunteers.
Our core belief

Ohr Lanu was born out of the Jewish belief that our people are One and as One we are all responsible for one another’s well being. As one big family, the Jewish community must see to it that no one member who falls ill feels neglected or left behind. Ohr Lanu hopes to bring all of the Jewish people together in their care for one another; and we hope to inspire other communities to do the same. The current health care system is complicated to say the least. Thus each community must make its own proactive effort to ensure that no member is alone when dealing with illness. It is with this ambitious goal in mind that we launch Ohr Lanu; that it should be as the Jewish menorah and become a shining light for all the people to see.

Ohr Lanu's Mission

Ohr Lanu Foundation's mission is to facilitate and enhance medical care for the Jewish community of San Antonio. Volunteer services provided through Ohr Lanu are intended to supplement and strengthen the individual’s own capabilities and resources. Our scope of services includes patient advocacy, physician referral, ancillary and financial aid.

Ohr Lanu's Governance

Ohr Lanu has a Governing Board of three members, one of whom is a physician who serves as its Medical Director.

Ohr Lanu has a local Advisory Board made up of 10 members of our community.