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Ohr Lanu is endowed with seed funding.
But, that's just a start.

Our Story

While Ohr Lanu began through a small group of initial volunteers and donors, our goal is to receive community-wide support. That is the starting point. The ultimate goal of our foundation is to have it sustained by the community. To that affect, Ohr Lanu will rely on the following:

Private donations

  • Individuals and organizations can make contributions to Ohr Lanu as a 501(c)3 organization


  • Ohr Lanu is a recipient of a 2015 Innovation Grant of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio.
  • Ohr Lanu is supported by Golden Manor Jewish Senior Services.
We encourage those who benefited from our efforts to contribute to our foundation, so that funds remain available for the benefit of the next patient.
Our services cost patients nothing.

Ohr Lanu offers its referral services to the Jewish community of San Antonio at absolutely no cost to the patients or their families.