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Patient advocacy.
Close to home in San Antonio.

Our Services

  • Physician recommendations upon request
  • Expedited appointments
  • Transportation to medical appointments and pharmacies
  • Medical bill reduction services
  • Financial assistance for medical expenses for patients who qualify
Whatever the medical need, Ohr Lanu is here to help.
Physician recommendations and appointments

Sometimes the needs of a patient are simple… to see a specialist, to have a consultation for a new diagnosis, to seek a second opinion prior to surgery. Sometimes the needs of a patient are much more complex…a challenging diagnosis requiring multidisciplinary involvement. Whatever the medical need, Ohr Lanu is here to help.

We have a working relationship with Jewish Family Services (JFS). Since JFS has been the leader in mental health services in San Antonio for many years, Ohr Lanu will continue to refer patients in need of counseling, psychology and psychiatry to them. JFS in turn will continue to refer clients with other medical needs to us.


Trained volunteers are available to assist patients with transportation to medical appointments.

As part of our relationship with Golden Manor Senior Services, we will refer to them requests for wheelchair accessible transportation.

Medical Bill Reduction

Ohr Lanu has a working relationship with an outside agency that reviews patients' medical bills for accuracy.

Financial Assistance

Determination of eligibility is made by an outside entity, following review of necessary documentation presented by the patient (IRS returns, documentation of disability, record of unemployment, etc.). For more information, contact us.